Sad Poems


Noanyone to share the divinity of my gift
Absent.  The voice of encouragement and gratitude self prescribed.
Self inflicted.
Friendship redundant until required.
Empty North to South.
Acknowledgment disfigured with anti praise and unacknowledgment.
Drowning in layers.
Abused by life’s synthetic monotony, unrequired.

Bind my hands behind my back.  Cutting.
Strip me of my voice my tension
Shed away the layers of my raped soul.
Spirit bowing under the weight of busy chaos
Solitude my worst deamon
Anger Anger Anger Anger Anger

I walk naked alone with nature
Miles and miles and miles
Solitude my best friend
Just to feel free.


You have no idea to side step this rat race
Just how bloody lucky you are.

Yet tomorrow will be different again.

May 09

The Post Natal Blues

Deep, deep inside my own thoughts,
I hate everyone, I hate the world
And I am angry with everyone else.
So angry don’t think I’ll ever feel anger free again.
The pressures of modern life fill the place with emotional pain
Unless you are financially up
And then life’s yours to gain.
I am animated, agitated, passionate and inarticulate.
When I try expressing myself, it’s like constantly trying to fight my way out of a cobweb,
And at the end of the night
It has all come out wrong what I said
So I write it down instead
Feels like I’m living but I’m dead
Everyone keeps saying, ‘Well at least you’ve got your health’
But what they should say is, ‘At least you are physically well’
Emotionally it is hell.
I am alone all day long
With beautiful toddler, but not my only soul mate, John
He is working all the God sent hours
Just to pay for food and bills
Financially it’s getting harder
The isolation and the loneliness builds
I wish like Indian families we were responsible for our own
Emotionally, physically, financially there
For old and young, sharing, care
Everyone says ‘We have all been there you know’
Well if you’ve frigging been there, support me through the lows
Emotional comfort or a reassuring hug
The only love I feel I get is from the babe or pup
The highs are too high; the lows are so low
My Granddad’s Equilibrium Theory is the place I wanna go
Cheers Granddad, even though you’ve gone to heaven
You help me more than those on earth
If just for a minute we could hug
It would be more than money’s worth.    


Sally Bowles

Once upon a time
Not so long ago.
A naive girl was kidnapped
Of her not so virgin soul.

She acted like a woman
Defended all her pride.
Transformed in to a grown up
All her childlike ways had died.

She fought so hard to get them back
Inside her hate just grew
They never saw her laugh or smile
They only saw her blue.

Then one day a special gift
Rewarded from above
Her childlike ways returned for she
Remembered how to love.

And so lived happily ever after.



He was so peaceful
Like a foetus draped in ebony.

Africa at its darkest
With no life mapped out.

We vote to be freed from our prison.
Cant handle the complications.

Want to be a little girl
Want to have a cake
Want to eat that cake…


Little lady blues

The body of a woman
The mind of a child
Sophisticated motions
So uncontrived.

The purring of a lady
The screaming of a child
Hips so slim
Forced so wide

A tear for the past
A grasp for the future
What about now
You bastard, how could ya?


Ever Wished

Ever wished to be kissed by the lips of freedom?

To rest your weary head on the soft undergrowth of a flowery bed.

To be captured by the endearing warmth of the suns comforting arms.

To drift away on smooth ripples and be as free as a silver wave.

To be lost in the land of laughter and lambs.

To lay in a velvet lined coffin of flowers and fern.

To be caressed and protected by a dreamy compassionate fog.

To breath in only the sweet aura of a misty musk

To see the fairytale dawn, watch the fairytale dusk.

Ever wished to slip so deep in to the inviting heart of your favourite most peaceful dream

That you never wake.

Ever been wished to be kissed by the lips of freedom

I wished…


The fiend

You take children when they are most vulnerable
And mould their hips.
You teach them like a clown
But they are only guinea pigs for your tricks.
They see light at the end of the tunnel
But need your directions a lie.
You promise to be their favourite friend
And then………….you make them cry.


The Rose

Rose so red and clear and strong
I see you only for what you are
Without noticing that underneath you aren’t so clear
You’re fresh not pure
I mean your pure but not in a way that you are mine.
You have so many layers which aren’t so fine as how I wished
But as a rose I love you still
Nothings easy when complications spill


Be strong

The wind it often blows to hard
But the trees have no say
Just simply sway
Their tender arms flying in the air.

The sun it often shines to hot
But the earth it has no where to turn
Just simply burns
Lying quite still , waiting for the night.

But when the light does sweetly shine
The earth cant wait to be caressed
Just simply rests
Looking forward to the dawn

The trees stand strong upon the lawn.
They have no choice but to receive
The power of sun.
The volume of breeze.

But still the trees stay rooted firm
And still the earth must surely turn
Gods given life to such a place
And live it must which ever phase.


For you I wait endlessly in my sub conscience
For you I stand helplessly in midnight fog
For you I hurt emotionally and bare the pain
I am unaware of any desires to sleep with you
I am told I am obsessed with you
I am told I crave your affection
I am asked “Am I in love with you?”
And all I know is
I don’t know.