once upon a dream poems



So very English and I Love You
Manners bound by tenderness
Knowing bound by wisdom
A gentility of gentleness
And the kindest laughter of a sage.

A sincere broad face supporting a long slow smile
Like butter melting into warm toast
All framed in soft ebony curls
Wild with learnedness
You inspire every curve of my mind.

Youíre whole being encouraging and overflowing with comfort
Your hands so steady, safe, sure and guiding
Your body so strong and so intensively tranquil
You nourish my seeking body so intimately peaceful
You hush my soul.

We share the most boundless and beautiful unity
Fused together by history
Untouchably deep, lovingly complete
Enchanting eyes afire with dancing ness
Englishman I LOVE YOU.

Jan 2001


I am the sea gently rising and falling
Raging and passionate
Ebbing and flowing
You are my rock.

I am the clouds floating and flying
Blowing and drifting
Pondering and ever changing
You are my blue sky.

I am the trees flourishing and blooming
Budding and bearing
Dying and rebirthing
You are my earth.

I am the moon naked and dancing
Loving and feminine
Spiritual and peaceful
You are my sun.

You are my rock
You are my blue sky
You are my earth
You are my sun.

The love I feel for you is all powerful.

My husband

My body sleeps into his every arc
And when awake my skin melts deeply into his
I am held like a new mother holds her first borne
Reassuringly cradled if ever I should stir.
For the first time since none, I have a waist
A waist which is a part and at times all of me.
His absolute being is how I want him most
When his spirit is strong and sure, like a Maori
When his touch is precious and warm like honey to a gentle bee
When every day I feel as coy as a child
Excited, enthusiastic, eager and new
When every eve I feel like a golden woman
Radiant, endlessly shinning, burning bright, brilliance


Priory Heaven

Silhouettes of the dusk.
Reminding us of the moon deer
And the magic dust.
The north star and
The magic horses.
Whose unicorn horns did not appear
When we were near.
Just a twinkle in their eye.
A fairy in the sky
Kissing rabbits
Iím a believer.