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Kiss of Life

Again and again you kiss me on the mouth
You reverently breathe life into me
You teach me how to breathe
You lovingly impart the word
The word made flesh
You spirit me Holy.

Blessed invocations.

My response is intrinsic
My body arcs towards you
My tender soul surrenders
Your spirit is upon me
Again and again you kiss me on the mouth

Loved more than any other.

I am a vessel overflowing with your promise
I will pour the wine for many.
My vocation is to Love.

October 2010

In Thee

I day with thee
I dream with thee
I ever want to be with thee.

I sleep with thee
I stir with thee
My every waking thought is thee.

I break in thee
Have faith in thee
My spirit is set free in thee.

I walk with thee
I talk with thee
My every beating heart is thee.

I Love in thee
Thou Loves in me
His Love forever pray we be.

Sept 2010


I have known of earthly love
And of a broken heart.

And I have known of Love Divine
From which Iíll never part.

And now I know of God blessed Love
The Love of you and me.

United in pursuit of Truth
And Beauty, pray we be.


Sept 2010

I do

I want to enclose my arms around you, hold the weight of you against the repression that burdens you.

I want to cradle my Love abound you, bind myself to your centre, that beauty united might defy fascism.

I want to bare your grief, so that you may breathe air, air that breathes hope beyond a new day.

I want to bathe you in psalms, so that Love will refresh, and bless even the most dispirited of spirits.

I want to be His covenant, that authentic true Love,  will never leave your side. The sacrifice my life.

For every moment in or out of time.

I want to be peace in you.  Breathe with you.  Bleed with you.  Be with you.  For your burden also be mine.

I want our Love to be three.

In triune

I.  You.  Him.

We. xx  

Aug 2010

The Martyr

My children could be plucked from this ambiguous world one by one
And still I will Love.

My body could be ravaged by disease and wasted of all life
And still I will Love.

You could be Judas, or the hand of the sword that pierces my side
And still I will Love.

You could strike me with your hand, I would turn the other cheek

You my beloved, could shatter my heart and slain my every hope
And still I will Love you

And so it is within my stillness
The birth of Love for you
Has conquered the depths of death for me.

In all brokenness
My will so absolutely free
Beyond all stillness

I will ever Love thee.


July 2010


First thought in the morning
Last thought in the eve
When I stir in the night
All day long
Every breath I breathe.

You inhabit me.

For the rest of my life
Is this my plight
Is this the way it has to be ?

Rapture of senses
Mindful of you
Involuntary spasms of arousal
Console me.

I am a woman
I need to converse
I need to talk
I need to feel
I need friendship
I need miracles.

I need Love to heal.

The distance is hurting me
The silence subverting me
I Love you, involuntarily.

My heart has awakened
My life sublimely shaken.

God, pray hold me close
You are in control
I, just the vessel of
upon my soul.

June 2010

What Is.....

What is it that shatters in me,
That we are not allowed to spend Physical time, with the one that we Love
Whilst we have time.

What is it that dies in me,
That I cry in utter powerlessness, for the feelings that I have for you
To be raised up in Truth.

What is it that is born in me,
That allows my faith in God to take charge over my life
And do with it, what He will.

What is it that dances in me,
That the call of Heaven is singing in my heart, when ever your spirit
touches my spirit

What is it that Loveís in me,
That everything about this life is worth living, that one day eternity
May end in your arms.

What is Love
It is you and I.
It is God.

April 2010

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