Nature poems



Mother Moon

She pours her tranquil gentle magic in to my body
Renews me with her honesty.
Held in the night by silhouettes of the days past.

As darkness squeezes its hold
So does the gentle moon with all her strength, sweetly shine
The darker the dark, the brighter her beacon
Never leaving me alone.

Poised and dignified, silent and sure
Warm and swollen with compassion for me.
I am held by her courage.
And I learn from her humbleness as each and every day unfolds.

July 09


Innocent and flirtatious spring
Dancing and flitting around and around in spirals and circles.
Lustful and sexual spring
With her quickening shallow breath
Her palpitating irregular heartbeat
Her damp moist rhythm.
Wanting anticipating and needing a wholesome union
Like the tide penetrating the land
Then withdrawing, only to penetrate more fully again.
Until her pulsating womb is all consumed.
And her spirit is set free.
Fertile spring with her nesting hands
And her soft belly nurturing her souls produce.
Her budding and popping
Like breasts and nipples and clitorises
Stroked and kissed and licked with delicate and precise accuracy.
Her flowering and deflowering
All in one swift poignant cycle.
Old aged sleepy spring
Fading into forever summer
Spring and her offspring ever the Mother, the Goddess
I am born unto you, a free spirit evermore.

A beautiful hour

As I leave the house the church bells ring out
Surging my spirit upwards to the contempary blue
Happy as a skylark.

A warm sunshiney morning.
The wild poppies accompany me along my dog walk.

I never knew the wind, the trees, the grass and the birds
Could all engage in such a magnificent conversation.
The tall grass with its smoked lavender seeds
And meadow green stems whispering me down to the Ropewalk.

And still the old salty barges sleeping.
And still the patchwork colts are grazing.
And I feel the simple life stroke my face
For a while, with her gentle finger at least.

At home whilst the babies are cooing
We make summer love in the garden
And the June church bells ring out.
A beautiful hour has passed.

June 2004

The Seductress

Sleepy moon
Silent powers you hold
Defined, bold, ageless.
Her gold crescent from tip to bow
Curving and caressing me.
I pull you towards my lips
Sensuous, soft
Eyes open.
Back in the sky you stare
Sensuous, soft the memory
The moon and I in prayer