Motherhood Poems



A mothers peace

This waking moment is mine alone
My encounter with peace so brief
Like gossamer wings illuminated upon a ray of light
My husband purrs beside me
His day is spent
The rhythm of his breath tells no tales of how his day went.
My babies breath is light and warm
And belongs to sweetest sleep
Like butterflies on buddleia on breezeless days
My children become one
With duvet feather cotton wool
I cannot see where their bodies end and their dreams begin.
I long to hold this peace forever
For tonight
We are all safe and together.

Nov 08

Sweetest Dreams

Sunny sleeps in Meadows
Musk the shade of earth deep like India
Faithfull in every breath
Always believing in positive

Romey all around the world
Like a family in camper
A colourful of culture
Subtle like the princess of Osyth

Nature entwined amongst the Bracken
Sweet sweet Honeysuckle in May
Rain fresh dew perfumed air
Revitalizing all of the senses

Indigo as playful as an Otter
Fishing the rippling Blue
The Moon is full like a Soulful of Narnia
The Lilac of spirituality
The dolphin of lagoon

Full of pink peace with tinges of green
The chords of a guitar
Like all the colours of a Rainbow
Shades of home with roses and magic

Acorns Oaks and faerie kings
And Meadow Sweet that grows in rings
Blythe Merry days and Sky’s of Blue
Romance Eliza Maude bless you
Old lady now of all my dreams
It seams the sweetest do come true.

From My Maternity Suite

I am missing my husband
The need to nurture and be nurtured
Makes my belly soft with longing
I want to rest into the folds of his body
And uncoil into his safety.  His love.

Anticipating mind.  Arms cradled
Desperate to sweep up
And reassure my small children
My glacical eyes cannot hide
My beating heart is theirs.

My breasts warm with maternal ness
Waiting for my newborns to wake up and take comfort
And find the path to my milky soul.
My spirit is all consumed with the desire to nurture my harvest
My whole being yearning to embrace my family
And never ever let go.

 Oct 2003


The amazing birth of our babies
Reliant on the warmth of my breast
Premature but perfectly tiny
So precious is life over death

The beautiful breath of our baby
Cupped in the palm of my hands
Precious life kisses his body
Nobody but us understands

How lucky we are.

Jan 20004

For my Babies

So precious
A warmth of the most perfect temperature
Unimaginable unless experienced
Life’s treasure
The ultimate pleasure
So knowingly
Deeper more surer than instinct
A blessing-your first night
One now two, but still one
To hold your new baby
The silent sharing secret time together
For eternity I am now your mother
So sacred, so real
I thank you for my completeness
So peaceful, so true, so deep
I thank you
I love you


Blythe Merry age 3

Beautiful shining little lady
Your maternal ness does so amaze me
Compassion of the Mother Mary
And you are but a little Merry

Beautiful Shining little faerie
Your insight is far beyond me
I love you more than life itself
Just as I do your brother elf.

By mummy petal fish


The Pause

She takes a pregnant pause
Whether to conceive their first child                                                              
                                                         Or not
She wears life heavy upon her shoulders
Needing space
Complete freedom from her works
With a warm climate
So she can bare no clothes
Lay naked, effortless in the sun
She needs to live the pause
Become a child
To find complete freedom to weave her works
To conceive a life from her own
Spiritual, happy, free.