In memorandum of the other realmers

Tiananmen Tiananmen

Tiananmen Tiananmen
Tanks and bullets rained on them.
Students, citizens, average man
Silent protest makes a stand
Peaceful ‘tank man’ blocks the path
Carrier bag his autograph
Our hero with his peace defies
The tanks from idle crucify
Anonymously disappeared
Though in our hope for 20 years
Students voice forever sung
The deathly toll. Tiananmen.
The square with blood forever red
Upon the pavements of the dead.
Annihilating  Beijing’s race
A Fallen army fell from grace.
Tiananmen Tiananmen
Where cruel Repression Raines on them.

Remember them.

June 09


IONA blessed land of Gods
And Kings and merry gentlemen
Our legends and our leaders sleep
And all their peace is held within
Remembering IONA

In memory of John Smith

Sweet God bless Viking man

We were not ere acquaintances
Nor neither pals over a drink
But of the same street neighbors
You watched me paint my van pale pink.
And when your crystal eyes met mine
Or we exchanged a smile
A wave upon the rope walk
A glance once in a while.
And when you looked upon me
With that twinkle in your eye
I felt so elevated
My pedestal the sky.
I’m sad we never chatted more
But then that sadness past
For the ultimate connection that we made
It will forever last
And now in dreams I see that beard
All orange eyes sharp blue
And when I need to feel that high
Ill link up thoughts of you
And in the meantime
That balcony, the one I dreamt I saw you on
If Romeo won Juliet’s heart
And “If music be the food of love”
My muse I pray sail on.

The Shrine

Blackened city
Hope..Little girl in red coat
I drink my wine, it turns to blood
I can not swallow but I do
I understand the shrine at last.
Are we all a little guilty
When we wished we never knew?
Because there’s nothing we could do.
See Schindler in a candle flicker
Hope..Alive in red flame
Until the candle melts away and leaves a shrine again


The world is in mourning,
The weather is in mourning,
I am in mourning.

The streets are seasoned with a river of people
Like spilled spices, washed together with tears
From a million countries.

The array of sweet smelling flowers lay everywhere,
Lighting the pavements like colourful diamonds
Dripping from the ends of a rainbow.

The heaviness in our hearts
Which was put there by your loss,
Will soon turn into a golden nougat
Put there by your life.

As an innocent, I carry my first child
I only hope that the mother in you lives on in me
And that the world now in all its peaceful unity does you proud.

Sept 1997

In Memory of Des

The other day I was passing my time watching the sky
When out of the clouds a cyclist flew by
He turned and waved as if he could see me
And he smiled, oh he smiled, oh he smiled so freely.
He got off his bike and out of his bag
Came a pencil, a chair and a big artist pad.
He observed all the land and the fields from the sky
And I watched him draw horses as time passed me by.
Then he played tennis on the green in the sky
Where he practised his serves, and still time passed by.
He served to me but I had to pass
There was only one racket and the balls turned to stars.
Then he put on his hat, turned heaven-ward bound
A carrousel of corks all whistling around
As he peddled the never ending ocean of sky
He whistled my name in a song,
And waved me goodbye…


Rex (our childhood dog)

You’re the ghost that haunts my life
You float around my mind
You make me feel so guilty for leaving you behind

Maybe one day, my mind will drift
And stay that way forever
And perhaps that sparkling tear of love
Will bring us back together

When I cry the tear of love
It breaks my heart in two
When I lay in bed at night
I always dream of you

When the tear rolls down my cheek
It sparkles like your eyes
So please my friend, come back to me
And brighten up our lives

about age 10