Early faith poems



And pray

“As a flower springs up secretly in a garden known to no cattle, bruised by no plough, caressed by the winds, strengthened by the sun and drawn up by the shower”

So should a mother nurture her harvest.
So does my heart open like a flower to the magic unexplainably all around.
No sooner is it open than it closes and I am yet again in the dark. Lost.  Empty
Then love opens my heart yet again and my mind flies.  Free. Bright.  Alive
And then dampness penetrates my spirit.  My breath grows weak
Then from the depths of my darkness a speck of light.  Love
Today I feel like an outspoken fishwife to my husband
Today I feel like a bad mother to my daughter
I wait for the light and wait.
And pray I am reborn a gentle woman.


Feel like I could take up kickboxing
Run ten hard miles
Do 200 sit ups, jump stiles
Throw my arms up to the sky
Dance to the life force
Exposed on a snowy hilltop
I scream
“Take me if you want too, I’m strong, ill win”
You don’t take your chance
I win.
But I know the score
When my backs turned
You’ll knock to bloody hard on my door
Frustration at not being in control
Of mine or my loved ones destiny
Makes me scream and shout
All fish wifed out
I want to strum the guitar
Watch the stars
Be sunshiny in a meadow
Listen to my children giggling
Have peace like chamomile within
Be slow and laid back and relaxed
Make sweet scented love
Simplicity is the key
To a life of golden dreams
To walk and write and smell
And let everybody else be something
Whilst me and mine just feel so real
And free and alive and me.

Chasing Grace

To let go of the ego self
A lesson for our journey
My journey in particular.

To stop looking at the finger pointing to the moon
And to start looking at the moon herself.

To experience the now
And the love in the now.

To let go of concepts and ideas
And to know there are no answers
Or no questions either.

To love unconditionally
Regardless of who is loving back.

To all be equal and one
For I am of you
And you are of me.

To give myself and all that I have to offer freely
And show gratitude for everything and nothing.

To feel the world and the universe touch me
To be a free bright spirit.

I give you my secret, full, gold braided, draw stringed, jewelled purse,
To open and share my nothingness.

Magic God Moon

Magic God Moon
Laws of Nature
Midnight, Noon
Flow and ebbing tide subside
And pause, so we can see inside.
Winds whisper like a Candles breath
Sun caress my bones through flesh.
Sea steep me, leave pearly beads.
Earth touch me keep me real.
Spirit fill me and fulfil me
Angels make peace my iridescent mind
And sweet magic
You mystify me awake and in sleep.

June 2000


God or conscience?
Him upstairs?
In the skies or behind the eyes?
His son?
Lord of the dance or chance?
Faith or hope?
I try so hard.
It’s too vague in a daily haze
To read into and between the lines
A holy smoke.  It’s no joke!
The quest to find a reason beyond death.
A meaning in living I have given to my children.
I have found my peace in the Mother herself
And the ever encompassing arms of her nature.
I am nearly sure I shall keep on searching and find no more.

But then

I see the faith of a child unquestioning and running wild
And it’s spiritual beyond belief.

June 2000