Blogs jan 2010 - Chasing Grace

20.January 2010


Four little letters.  Put together.  A word which means so little and so much to so many.  Positive  reactions. Negative reactions. Connotation this, connotations that.  Unmeasured.  But in fullness and wholeness and in deepest truth, forever and always beheld by the faithfull.

Definition :- warm affection, attachment, liking, or fondness, paternal benevolence, affectionate devotion, for, to, or towards a person, for or to thing. Give love to, convey affectionate message to, send one’s love to, get this done: for the love of, for sake or in name of, esp. in adjurations; For love or money, by any means, esp. cannot get it etc. for love or money; labour of love that one delights in, or that one does for love of someone: there’s no love lost between them, they dislike each other; play for love, for the pleasure of it, not for stakes.

Sexual affection or passion or desire, relation between sweethearts, this feeling as a literary subject, a personified influence, or a god (also representation of cupid, or of naked winged child, or in pl. children, symbolizing love), (in love, possessed by this; in love with, enamoured of, also transf. fond of a pursuit, thing, etc; fall in love, become enamoured; all’s Fair in love & war; in a cottage, marriage on insufficient means; make love, pay amorous attentions to or abs. whence love making.

Beloved one, sweetheart (esp. of a woman, cf. LOVER; hence lovey n; my love, common form of address between husband and wife); (colloq) delightful person or pretty thing
(he is an old love; that loves of teacups!).

(in games) no score, nothing, nil (love all, neither side has yet scored; love game, in which loser has not scored) love affair, affair between lovers, amour: love apple (old name for) tomato; love begotten, illegitimate; love bird, small bird of parrot kind said to pine away at death of its mate; love child, illegitimate; love feast, meal in token of brotherly love among early Christians, religious service among Methodists etc. imitating this; love in a mist, fennel-flower; love in-idleness,hearts-ease; love knot, perculiarly interlaced bow of ribbon: love letter, between sweethearts & concerned with love; love lies-bleeding, garden plant with long drooping spike of purple-red bloom; love lock, tress or curl worn on temple or forehead; love lorn, pining with love, deserted by one’s love(r); love match, marriage made for love’s sake only;
Love Hold dear, bear love, to be in love with, be fond of, be in love; cling to, delight in, enjoy having, be addicted to, admire or be glad of the existence of, an out pouring of,……..and so on.

Philia or Agape or Eros ?

My Love is for you, it is uniquely given forever by me, in authentic truth, under Gods intention. and perceived and understood and recieved as only you know and understand it to be, in Gods truth. 

With Love, or

In Loving kindness, or

I Love You.

And maybe if you are blessed, just once in your life time, you will at some point realise the person with which you feel all three types of Love in magnificent equal, limitless measure, feels the same way about you

God Blessed.

With all my Love forever Amber