Welcome to my World


I am a mother of five children living with my family in North Essex England.

I have been writing poetry since I was a child.  After many a long silence I suddenly have an idea for a poem.  The words come quickly, often jumbled.  I write on any paper which is to hand, an envelope, a serviette, a receipt, or back of a cheque.

Sometimes the picture is complete within minutes, and at other times its hours of deep contemplation that gives me my poem, either way I cant leave it until its done.  Occasionally I go back and change the odd word, but usually the words manage to capture the thoughts of the moment….a record of life seen through my eyes.  This is a snippet of my journey till late 2010.

My inspirations are LOVE  and  LIGHT and my personal relationship with GOD (whom I know, embraces all living things throughout the universe.

Photographing nature and capturing the worlds magical light is a new passion for me.
I hope you enjoy my selection of poems and photography and I invite you and your friends to glimpse in to my world and see it through my eyes.  Beyond 2010 my journey is recorded elsewhere and this early site will no-longer be updated.

Sweetest God Bless to all my visitors x

Love tenderly t'is everything
Amber x